No matter what type of ski boat you have, we can help you make the interior stand out above the rest while providing creature comforts that your original marine carpet could not.

Ski boats by nature tend to get wet inside which means the marine carpet it came with gets wet, stays wet and damp, and in time can grow mold and mildew.  Marine carpet will also break down in time from the heat and sun and just fall apart.



Our PVC products will make your boat look good and stay looking that way.  Whether you choose a plain color or you add a logo, our products certainly will differentiate your boat from the others.  Besides looking great, our PVC products never get wet because the water flows right through them.  Because of that, they are never damp and so won’t get moldy or grow mildew.  They feel good too!  They feel nice to stand, sit or lay on and also help absorb the pounding shock from wave action.