DECKadence Marine Flooring is a very high end, very PLUSH product that is used in marine and outdoor applications. This product is not like the typical marine carpet products found in stores or boating catalogs. If you are searching for the best product underfoot that will provide value to your boat or property, DECKadence is it!

Made in 6-foot widths and fused together for larger widths. Besides being nice and soft, DECKadence does not stain, won’t mold and mildew, and is never wet because water and liquid flows right through it!  And it’s special non-skid backing always holds it in place. It is the perfect flooring for marine and outside use!

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DECKadence Marine Flooring is simply the best choice for marine flooring applications on the market to date. It’s superior to any other alternative in terms of durability, maintenance, practicality and beauty.

The best choice, superior, why?

The truth is, seasoned boaters know all too well that there are few viable choices out there for watercraft surfaces. For example, there’s foam products, hardened vinyl and perforated rubber (yes it’s hard and ugly too), there’s carpet that looks great for about a month…that is except when it’s WET, then you deal with mold and mildew, then you replace it, or live with it. Keep carpet where it belongs…in a house and not on a boat!

DECKadence Marine Flooring is a revolutionary material engineered from the most practical marine flooring materials in existence today. The right combination of PVC, Resin and Aerated Rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability to boaters.

This incredible product is the best choice of professional and recreational boaters the world over.

No adhesives required: It simply lifts up, hoses off, cleans easily, offering EXTREME DURABILITY, virtually impact resistant with amazing recovery.

The best alternative: DECKadence Marine Flooring is the ultimate marine and outdoor decking on the market to date. It can be installed on any vessel/surface, fiberglass, steel, aluminum or wood.

Non-slip when wet: This superior product, combining its cushioning properties with its non-skid attributes, provides the safest of surfaces under your feet. Remember…water or liquid flows right through it!

An insulator of sound: The installation of DECKadence Marine Flooring will help silence above-deck noise, quiet engine sound levels, and insulate the below-deck area from the intense heat of the sun, providing a more user friendly environment.