For those looking to make their DECKadence Marine Flooring a bit more personalized, we can add color borders, words and stripes, as well as various types of logos, to make your boat look even more beautiful and unique!

Logos can be, and usually are, sprayed onto the material with a color dye for PVC, using a custom 3-part stencil.  Spraying on a logo is much like painting a car.  Up until now, custom logos were best located in areas of low traffic on the boat because the dye will eventually wear off the top layer.


Jim’s Marine Flooring now has the ability to provide logos and words that are actually “inlaid” into the DECKadence, instead of being sprayed on, so that they are an actual part of the material, never to wear off!

Custom Inlaid Logos and Words!  Only at Jim’s!

Once you have chosen a logo or set of words, you choose the main carpet color and then the color the logo or words will be.  We then laser cut the logo/words out of the main carpet.  Next, we laser cut the logo/words out of another color and then insert them into the main carpet.  Finally, they are glued into place and the logo/words become an integral part of the carpet.

So, once you have decided to lay the most comfortable and durable flooring into your boat, make it stand out even more by adding a special custom logo!